The Rowan Unique Blend Yarns

We are always looking to create our own cutting-edge custom yarns you won't find elsewhere, whether it's in the blend of fibres or the way the yarn in constructed. This collection of much-loved yarns are all Rowan signature blends.

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Unravel the Mystery of Making these Unique Yarns

Hand-picked fibres are thoughtfully brought together to bring out the best in each other. With a wide variety of fibres to choose from, we have a wonderful opportunity to create diverse and unusual yarns that appeal to knitters.

Unique Blend Patterns

Unique Blends Story Soft Boucle

Soft Boucle: A textural blend of super-soft fibres

With characteristic loops and curls, Soft Bouclé is the epitome of cosiness. Spun from warm Merino, superfine alpaca and plied with smooth, strong cotton, this is the perfect yarn for teddy cardigans, sweaters and accessories.

Unique Blends Story Softyak DK

Soft Yak DK: Yak & cotton in a light and lovely chainette

Yak is a wonderful fibre with fantastic breathability and static-resistence. When combined with cotton and a touch of nylon for added durability, the result is a yarn that transcends the seasons, offering versatile options all year round.

Unique Blends Story Brushed Fleece

Brushed Fleece: Alpaca & wool create this chunky light yarn

A perfect choice for warming winter knits, Brushed Fleece has a gentle halo and soft, marled colour effect. This is a lightweight yarn that's easy to wear and super cosy thanks to its blend of alpaca, wool and polyamide.

Unique Blends Story Creative Linen

Creative Linen: A cool and relaxed mix of linen & cotton

With a crisp appearance offset by soft texture, Creative Linen is perfect for warm-weather knits. With sharp stitch definition this mixture of 50% linen and 50% cotton blooms when washed and will wear beautifully for many years.

Unique Blends Story Cotton Wool

Cotton Wool: A blend of pure organic cotton and soft organic wool

Grown organically, without harmful chemicals or pesticides, these fibers are naturally soft, breathable and hypoallergenic to nurture and protect delicate skin. Spun in Italy with innovative technology, Cotton Wool is a lightweight yarn with a fine halo providing surface texture and comfort without fibre drift, making it safe for all skin kinds.