Introducing Rowan Pure Cashmere

We’ve collaborated with world-renowned Scottish cashmere producers, Todd & Duncan, to craft an exquisite couture cashmere for hand knitters. Sustainably grown by nomadic farmers in Inner Mongolia, the fibre is spun and dyed in a heritage mill on the banks of Loch Leven.

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A Truly Luxurious Knitting Experience

The extremely fine, white downy undercoat of the cashmere goat has been used to make yarn for hundreds of years. Cashmere fibre is finer, stronger and lighter than sheep’s wool, and more insulating. It’s silky soft against the skin, moisture absorbent and extremely warm, with a soft and elegant drape and a hint of a hazy halo.

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Todd & Duncan have been creating fine cashmere since 1897

Scotland’s premiere cashmere spinners make use of the naturally pure water of Loch Leven, located in a National Nature Reserve, to open up the fibers, a process that is essential to achieving consistent colour and an extremely soft handle. The delicate fibres are dyed before spinning to give superior, colour, and to create the signature melange and marled shades.

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We care about the source of our fibres & the processing impact

Our cashmere is sourced from nomadic farming communities in Inner Mongolia where sustainable herding and grazing are practiced, high animal welfare standards are set, and the traditional nomadic way of life is preserved. The beautiful palette is created with environmentally-friendly dyes, so the water used in processing can be returned to the loch in a circular process, ensuring the diverse wildlife continues to thrive.


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Caring for your cashmere investment

Proper care will ensure your knitting lasts. Try to wash only as needed, using cool water and a mild detergent designed for delicate, natural fibres. Soak for 10-15 minutes, then gently squeeze out excess water. Reshape and dry flat away from direct heat. Always store cashmere folded, never hung. Some pilling may naturally occur due to the softness of the fibre, and if it does, use a pilling comb or stone to gently remove the pills. Pilling will diminish over time.

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Treat yourself, or give a lasting gift

Our Pure Cashmere pattern collection, designed by Lisa Richardson, features a selection of accessories and garments designed to highlight the beauty of the cashmere. Simple stitchery and classic silhouettes ensure these pieces will be loved for many years. We’ve included a full range of accessories including mitts, mittens and gloves, a selection of hats and neckwear, and a pair of socks, to bring a little luxury to your life. Each piece also makes a perfect gift for family and friends.