The Rowan Cashmere Collection

The finest fibres are the most coveted, and cashmere stands out as the finest of all. Our premium fibres are sustainably grown and sourced, then spun into our luxurious cashmere and cashmere blend yarns.

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Creating Quality Cashmere Yarn

Sought the world over, these rare, precious fibres are gathered in small quantities from the underside of the cashmere goat when it sheds naturally during the spring months.

Cashmere Patterns

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Pure Cashmere: Enchanting and irresistable fibers

Purest cashmere is gently plied for a soft and sumptuous finish. Providing excellent stitch definition, this yarn is the epitome of indulgence, providing lasting pleasure for both the knitter and the wearer.

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Cotton Cashmere: A soft, light blend of luxurious fibres

Fine cashmere is spun gently with silky smooth cotton to make this luxury summer yarn, perfect for tops, shawls and accessories.

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Cashmere Haze: The ultimate in ethereal luxury

An unique and exquisite blend of cashmere, baby alpaca and silk, this feathery, romatic light-weight yarn is ideal for floaty garments and accessories, or for combining with other yarns to create a soft, luxurious halo effect.