The Rowan Tweed Yarn Collection

Rustic and refined at the same time, tweeds remind us of the heritage British textile industry and the fine yarns and wovens that were developed historically. These are indeed timeless, traditional yarns.

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Making Our Famous Tweed Yarns

The traditional tweed effect is created by adding small pieces of felted wool, known as neps, during the carding process. This adds a rustic and earthy quality to our heritage natural wool fibres.

Tweed Patterns

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Felted Tweed: The most popular tweed yarn in the world

Loved by designers & knitters alike, Felted Tweed comes in a huge array of shades, making it ideal for Fair Isle and colourwork knitting. Spun in Italy, extra-soft alpaca is plied with lightly felted wool to create a versatile yarn that also gives perfect stitch definition to cable and lace work.

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Felted Tweed Aran: Our best-selling tweed in an Aran weight

This earthy, Aran-weight yarn is made from extra-soft alpaca that's spun with lightly felted wool, and is available in a range of beautiful colours. It's the perfect choice for cosy winter knits.

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Valley Tweed: Traditional tweed, spun in Yorkshire

Beautiful twists of heathery pure British wool are spun together to create a light and lofty yarn, perfectly reflecting its Yorkshire Moorlands birthplace.