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Watch and listen to designer Georgia Farrell as she introduces us to her new Make Along, Textured Tiles Sweater. Find out more about the inspiration for this project, how you can get involved and the all important release dates.

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Textured Tiles Sweater

Get ready to embark on a new knitting adventure…

with Georgia Farrell’s Make Along, Textured Tiles Sweater

Georgia Farrell is best known for creating architecturally inspired design for hand knitting. With a background in textiles, Georgia translates her passion for architectural details into textured knitted fabrics. For this latest Make Along, Georgia has chosen the palette of Felted Tweed to bring her beautiful Textured Tiles Sweater to life.

Textured Tiles Sweater Designer Focus Block
Georgia MAL Designer Block

An engaging and enjoyable project for knitters of all levels...

Featuring a stunning boxy shape, the sweater is comprised of knitted squares with diagonal travelling cables and striking embroidered embellishments. The modular nature of the design makes this an interesting and addictive knit, always encouraging you to knit just one more square!

If you’ve already signed up, it’s now time for you to select your sweater.

There are two versions of the Textured Tiles Sweater to choose from. One is knitted using two shades of Felted Tweed, whilst the second option features six shades. Georgia has recommended some colour ways, but feel free to swap colours in and out and create your own colour story.

Two-colour Sweater

This stunning boxy shaped sweater featuring knitted squares with travelling cables and striking embroidered embellishments is worked in two contrasting shades of Felted Tweed.


Six-colour Sweater

Rowan Felted Tweed comes in a vast array of colours. Explore the palette with this six-colour version of Textured Tiles Sweater.