The Rowan Cotton Yarn Collection

Cotton is grown around the world, and we prize it for its breathability, durability and resliliency. When spun into yarn, either on it's own or blended, it becomes the perfect fibre for warm weather.

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Making Quality Cotton Yarns

Cotton yarn is made by twisting together the fibres of the cotton plant's fluffy seed head. These super soft and lightweight fibres are almost pure cellulose and can be spun on their own or blended with other fibres for different effects.

Cotton Patterns

Cotton Yarn Story Handknit Cotton

Handknit Cotton: A truly versatile & elegant cotton yarn

This beautifully soft and smooth cotton yarn is ideal for a myriad of garments and accessories. Wonderfully breathable and comfortable to wear, Handknit Cotton is machine washable, becoming even softer with every use.

Cotton Yarn Story Cotton Glace

Cotton Glace: High twist = incredible stitch definition

The silky lustre and rich depth of colour of this beautiful yarn is due to the mercerisation process, which also provides added strength and durability. The ideal yarn for summer knitting, Cotton Glace is soft, cool and breathable.

Cotton Yarn Story Summerlite DK_4ply

Summerlite DK & 4 Ply: A modern, matte, multi-plied yarn

A matte finish and multi-plied spin make this perfect warmer weather. With its soft, velvety finish, Summerlite DK & 4 Ply elevates cotton fibres, creating a contemporary, versatile yarn that's light & airy, while providing excellent stitch definition.