Softyak DK—A Truly Unique Yarn

Strong and sturdy animals, yaks live in the hight altitudes of the Himalayas where they’re tended by nomadic herders. They’re known for their extremely warm coats that allow them to survive in the harsh climate.

Yak Lifestyle

The hollow fibers of yak wool trap air, making it 20% warmer than sheep’s wool

The strong outer fibres of the yak are used for rope making, the medium fibres for making blankets, and the soft down of the underbelly is hand harvested and used to make yarn and clothing. Yak wool is non-allergenic and non-irritating since it has no animal oils. As well, it resists odours, wicks moisture away from the body, and is less prone to pilling than many other woolen fibres.

Softyak DK Yarn Lifestyle

We blend our yak with cotton to make a truly trans-seasonal yarn

Softyak DK has a robust chainette construction, enhanced with a little nylon, that adds springiness and loft for a better knitting experience. It’s also very smooth to the touch, and works up into a fabric with incredible drape. The cotton and yak fibers take dye differently, resulting in a soft melange effect.

This yarn is perfect for those with fibre sensitivities as neither the cotton nor yak will irritate the skin. It’s also naturally anti-static and anti-microbial.