The Rowan Alpaca Yarn Collection

One of the most prized natural fibres in the world, this fleece is soft, lightweight and durable, and comes from the alpaca, native to Peru but now farmed around the world.


Alpaca Yarns Story Alpaca

Alpaca Classic: A light, romantic mix of alpaca & cotton

The feathery feel and soft halo of Alpaca Classic are created by filling delicate cotton mesh with luxurious alpaca fibres, resulting in a light-weight yarn with incredible meterage and spectacular texture.

Alpaca Yarns Story Alpaca Soft DK

Alpaca Soft DK: The ease of alpaca blended with Merino

The easy comfort of baby alpaca, blended with extrafine Merino and superfine Merino. Beautifully soft and smooth, Alpaca Soft DK is a mix of the finest alpaca and wool fibres, spun with a high twist to provide exceptional stitch definition.

Alpaca Yarns Story Fine Lace

Fine Lace: Baby Suri alpaca and fine Merino wool

Create perfect lace knitting with this luxurious yarn, blended from exquisite fibres. The rare and lustrous fleece of the Suri alpaca adds a soft drape, while ephasizing fine and delicate stitch definition.