Georgia Farrell Designer Portrait

An architect of knits and purls

Happiest when walking the city streets, Georgia finds inspiration in the lines and textures of modern architecture which inform her designs at every stage, from research to stitch.

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undoubtedly, it has to be Le Corbusier

a master of architecture

He was also a brilliant designer, painter, urban planner and writer, and he was one of the pioneers of what is now regarded as modern architecture (both Brutalist and Modernist architecture would not be what they are without Le Corbusier). He is quoted as saying “You employ stone, wood and concrete, and with these materials you build houses and palaces. That is construction. Ingenuity is at work. But suddenly you touch my heart, you do me good, I am happy and I say: This is beautiful. That is Architecture. Art enters in.” This sentiment has really impacted my own practice as I strive to use the basic materials of my own craft as an architect of knits and purls.

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inspired by
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lots of things—art, fashion, craft, design,

but ultimately, architecture

The shapes, lines, textures, patterns and forms from the last seventy years or so, but especially modern architecture, have to be the single biggest influences on my design style. From the awe-inspiring latest glass and steel skyscraper in the City of London, to the banality of a concrete multi-storey carpark, for me inspiration is to be found in the lines, angles and shapes that shift and change in perspective. It’s in the patterns, textures and forms of the constructions, and in the end it’s in the feeling you get when you interact with a building.

I would describe my design style as

a mix of contemporary and classic, architecturally inspired, with clean graphic lines, geometric shapes and fresh colours.

Colour Block Scarf
Saint Lukes
Georgia Farrell Designer Recent Design Centre
Small Neck Scarf
Shoreditch Hat EC3 Shawl

My favourite Rowan yarn from the current collection is Alpaca Soft DK

It has amazing stitch definition and softness. It’s a great yarn for designing the kind of textured patterns I love to create. But I also absolutely love Felted Tweed, and Kidsilk Haze too (who doesn’t!).


The Rowan yarn I wish I could bring back is Creative Focus Worsted

It was one of my favourite yarns. I just loved the colour palette, especially the two-tone shades, and the single ply construction.

favourite stitch

anything using knit and purl stitches

to create shapes and patterns

I love nothing more than creating geometric patterns out of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch, it’s like drawing with light and shade.

Georgia Farrell Designer Favourite Stitch
yarn stash
Georgia Farrell Designer Yarn Stash

it is VAST!

I like to think that I was a knitter first

plus I spent quite a few years working in retail selling yarn, so I have accumulated quite the stash! I also make a point to visit yarn shops when I travel and have always collected a skein as a souvenir in the hope of someday turning them into a ‘travel blanket’; I love the idea of wrapping myself up in a little bit of all the places I’ve visited.

design process

it starts with research

a successful design has a good story

Whether in person travelling and walking the streets of new cities in search of architecture and inspiration, or sourcing images through books, magazines and journals, blogs and social media, I love the research phase of designing and seeing a concept grow through it. For me, the ultimate aim is marrying the concept and the outcome; the inspirational element that people gravitate towards, with the practicality and wearability of good knitwear.

Abstract resized
personal style
Light resized

different depending on the day of the week!

when I’m working...

I’m all about modern city-style tailoring; smart trousers with a fresh t-shirt and trainers or oversized shirts and wide leg trousers. When I’m ‘off duty’, my style is a lot more relaxed and I’m nearly always wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and trainers! Geometric accessories are a constant though—my favourite earrings right now are hexagon-shaped hoops. I also love to wear knitted accessories like shawls and wraps all year round, and hats in the winter, too.

If I wasn’t a knitwear designer I would still have to have a creative career

I have always wanted do some good, help people, make a difference to their lives, so perhaps an art therapist or some sort of product designer that solved problems through design.

I'm very bad at knowing when to stop

Whether it’s the constant need for a new challenge as a designer, or just one more row of knitting before bed, I am terrible at knowing when to stop. I always work right up until a deadline, no matter how long I have for the project. Just one more colour in the palette, an extra design in the collection, or one more concept to pitch. Being a designer is a constant learning curve as you refine your process and find your niche, so I’m always trying to remind myself that less can be more!

The best advice I’ve ever been given is that the best is yet to come

It keeps me focused on the future and the possibilities it holds, it gives me hope and pushes me to always try to better myself, personally but also as a creative; to aim for more inspirational, authentic and fresh design.

my knitting

on my knitting needles now

is an Aldersgate Poncho for my wonderful mum

It's from my pattern book ‘My London’. She chose the colour ‘Green Moss’ and it looks so good, I’m really enjoying knitting it for her! When I’m not knitting I’m spending quality time with my husband and my family.

Alergate Poncho 2 Re-sized
happiest when
Georgia Farrell PORTRAIT Re-sized

I’m visiting a new city

walking the streets,

checking out the architecture with a coffee and some knitting.

I think the future of our craft

is embracing all things digital and the possibilities that combining the two can create!