The Rowan Mohair Yarn Collection

Spun from the silk-like hairs of the the Angora goat, mohair is prized for its luster and sheen. It combines particularly well with other fibres, most notably silks and various wools.

Mohair Triptych Left
Mohair Triptych Center
Mohair Triptych Right

The Beauty of Mohair

The lustrous, well-defined locks of the Angora goat are reknowned for their ability to absorb dyes that create rich and vibrant colours. The unique texture, with its warm, insulating halo, is distinctly different from other fibres.

Mohair Patterns

Mohair Yarn Story Kidsilk Haze

Kidsilk Haze: A dreamy blend of kid mohair and soft silk

Soft as silk and as light as air, Kidsilk Haze is a favourite with knitters. The light kid mohair provides a sweet halo of warmth and exquisite drape, while the silk core adds strength and and intensity to this heavenly yarn.

Mohair Yarn Story Kid Classic

Kid Classic: Sumptuous Aran yarn with a soft halo effect

The warm glow of kid mohair blends perfectly with soft, pure lambswool to create a sumptuous and indulgent Aran-weight yarn, suited equally to cables, colourwork and lace.