Kidsilk Haze—A Superior Silk & Super Kid Mohair Blend

An extraordinary blend of super kid mohair and silk, Kidsilk Haze was launched in 2001 with just 10 shades. Today, it has a global following amongst lace knitters and those who love working with delicate yarns.

Silk Cocoons Lifestyle

70% super kid mohair and 30% silk. THE perfect balance.

The best mohair undoubtably comes from a kid, a baby angora goat, when the fibre is at its finest and softest. Mohair does best when it has a complimetary strengthening and stabilizing fibre blended with it, and silk is the perfect choice. Mohair is an incredibly warm fibre, and has the added benefit of being very light, and with an incredible sheen that takes dye beautifully. On closer inspection you can see the silk and mohair dye differently, creating on tonal marled effect. In production the yarn is brushed to enhance the lush halo.

Kidsilk Haze Yarn Lifestye

The ultimate in versatility, whether worked at a fine or loose gauge, plied, or used as a carry-along

This yarn creates a weightless, airy fabric, whether knit on finer needles at a tighter tension, or opened up on larger needles where it takes on a gossamer effect. It makes the most beautiful lace, and there are those who love it best when they carry it with another yarn to create an entirely new fabric. Try pairing it with Felted Tweed and you are sure to be hooked!