Moordale—A Truly British Yarn

Blue-Faced Leicester and British alpaca are blended to create a very special yarn you’ll return to again and again. Launched in 2019, it’s quickly become a Rowan favourite.

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The Making of Moordale Video
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A Unique Yarn in the Making

The fibres that make up Moordale, wool and alpaca, are sourced in the UK, and spun for Rowan in a Yorkshire mill. Once the fibres are spun, two distinct plies are twisted together to create a yarn with unique qualities. The yarn is dyed, then steamed to open it up, and twisted into hanks before coming to us.

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Both fibres take dye differently—the outcome is a rich, muted colour palette

The white fleece of the wool and the natural brown shades of the alpaca take colour very differently during the dyeing process. The wool becomes a brighter, purer shade, whereas the alpaca tends to have a more rustic look that has a tannish undertone, so the outcome is tonal colour with a wonderful depth that couldn’t be achieved by dyeing each fibre on its own.

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The proof is in the knitting—soft, springy, and absolutely sublime

Moordale knits up into a fabric that drapes well and feels very comfortable next to the skin. Sculpted cables and other textural stitches—any combination of knit and purl stitch patterns—are enhanced with this yarn. It’s also perfect for Fair Isle and other colourwork. The shades all play well together.

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The soft, lustrous fleece of the Bluefaced Leicester is one of the finest grown in the UK

The fleece of the Bluefaced Leicester is known for its strength, as well as its warmth and softness. Alpacas are being farmed more and more in the UK, and the fleece from these regal South American animals adds luster and silkiness when combined with the wool.

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Moordale Behind the Scenes Video
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