The Rowan Recycled Yarn

Creating a garment by hand from a natural fibre, be it through hand knitting or crochet, is itself a very satisfying process. To also have an understanding about where that yarn has come from and the journey it has been on is even more rewarding.

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Reducing our Impact...

Recycling is a big part of our everyday lives. We have learnt to recycle our waste - often glass, paper, cardboard and plastic – and for many of us it has become routine and a way to help our communities in preserving the planet.

Denim Revive

Denim Revive- giving your old pair of jeans a new life

We are very proud to have two recycled yarns in the Rowan range, the second being our popular Denim Revive. There is something really quite special about denim yarn and Denim Revive has the added dimension of being sustainable too. Originally soured from recycled denim, it is 95% cotton and 5% other fibre. The cotton has been spun from vintage denim which has been through a recycling process and transformed into yarn. In the case of Denim Revive, the 5% of ‘other fibre’ simply refers to the fact that when you recycle a fabric there is always a very small amount of fibre that remains below the identifiable level, a normal result of the recycling process.

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