Knitted with Love by Martin Storey

Martin Storey’s ‘Knitted With Love’ Knit Along brings together a variety of knitting techniques in beautiful combinations of squares and encourages creativity and personalisation.

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Knitted with Love Introduction

The weekly releases introduce captivating designs featuring colour work, cables, lace and beading. Short video tutorials provide helpful tips and instructions to ensure success.
Each week a new square will be released, forming the building blocks for a throw - small or large, you decide!

If you have chosen to knit one of the six beautiful cushions, these smaller projects use a carefully curated selection of fewer squares. If you find that some of the pattern releases don’t apply to your project, don’t worry, you can get a head start on knitting the all-important back of the cushion.

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Release One: Floral Heart Square

Our first release is a beautiful colour work heart in two shades of Island Blend, featuring pretty flower shapes. Our video tutorial demonstrates how to follow a chart and covers essential colour work techniques.

Release Two: Initials Heart Square

This week we continue with colour work, creating a beautiful, personalised heart pattern, incorporating initials of your choice.

Release Three: Rose Heart Square

Our third release features an elegant rose pattern, again using colour work techniques. Watch our video for helpful tips for carrying the yarn at the back of your work.

Release Four: Double Heart Square

The Double Heart pattern in our fourth release is a striking addition to this knit along and is the last of our colour work squares.

Release Five: Lace Heart Square

Our next release introduces simple lace stitches outlining a lovely heart shape. Helpful instructions for easily understanding charts for knitted textures are included in our video tutorial.

Release Six: Bobble & Lace Heart Square

This week we explore lace further with the addition of delightful little bobbles that are simple and easy to create.

Release Seven: Garter Stitch Heart Square

Our seventh release is a beautiful, tactile cabled heart square, featuring reverse stocking stitch and garter stitch. Knit along with our video tutorial and learn how to easily create knitted cables.

Release Eight: Bead & Lace Heart Square

Our final square adds a sophisticated flourish to our knit along with the inclusion of dainty beads which punctuate the outline of a simple lace heart.

Release Nine: Making Up

Arrange your squares by following Martin’s suggestions or put together your own composition. Watch our helpful video tutorial for tips on how to sew together moss stitch seams.

Release Ten: Optional Trim

Martin has designed a delicate antique style edging you may like to add to your throws or cushions. In our video tutorial we take you through the key skills you’ll need to add this pretty trim.

Knitted with Love Palette Image

Knitted with Love Palette

‘Knitted With Love’ is worked entirely in Island Blend; an exquisite yarn made from Merino Wool, Baby Alpaca and silk, ideal for trans-seasonal soft furnishings. Choose to make a large or medium sized throw or a variety of cushions using Martin’s suggested combination of squares and create the perfect gift to give to a loved one, or make as a keepsake for yourself.

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