Bloom at Rowan Book Three Cover

Bloom at Rowan Book Three: Nursery

Nursery Essentials

Nurturing knits for baby, mama and nursery, using super-soft organic Cotton Wool.

Bloom at Rowan Book Four Cover

Bloom at Rowan Book Four: Baby Basics

Modern classics for everyday

Martin Storey's essential knits for new mama and baby, using Baby Cashsoft Merino and Summerlite DK

Cotton Wool Lifestyle 1

Cotton Wool

Wrapped up in Cotton Wool, baby and bump are cared for with a blend of pure organic cotton and soft organic wool.

Cotton Wool Yarn Lifestyle 2

What makes this yarn special?

• Grown organically without harmful chemicals or pesticides.
• Hypoallergenic to nurture and protect delicate skin.
• Naturally soft fibres.
• Spun in Italy with innovative technology
• Twelve contemporary colours selected by Erika Knight.