Quail Studio Designer Portrait

Classic, with a modern twist

Georgina Webberley-Brant and Emma Brant are the dynamic design duo behind Quail Studio and the MODE at Rowan collections. Known for their clean and simple designs inspired by fashion trends as seen on street-style influencers, Georgina and Emma design things they would want to knit and wear themselves, and always have multiple projects on their needles.

design style

clean, classic &, simplistic

we love to create very classic designs that are timeless

and appeal to a wide range of crafters, but always with a modern twist, restyling shapes and using colours that we would want to knit and wear ourselves.

Quail Studio Designer Designer Style
personal style
Quail Studio Designer Personal Style

comfortable classics

we're young mums

Georgina: Most days, especially when I’m on a photoshoot or running after my gorgeous little boy, I'm an oversized shirt, jeans and trainers kind of girl, but for a little more glamour at events or meetings I wear an oversized knit, jeans and heeled boots. I live in black. Emma: I live for Autumn dressing. I’m into leather (faux of course) and knitwear this season, both are easy to keep casual or dress up by adding or subtracting a few layers.

Our design process starts with colour

We spend a long time at the beginning of a season researching trends to create mood boards that will define the collection. Then we look at texture, pulling out all of our favourite yarns and fibres, and after that we will sketch shapes and styles which eventually evolve into the final designs.

Quail Studio Designer Recent Design Left 1
Quail Studio Designer Recent Design Left 2
Quail Studio Designer Recent Design Left 3
Quail Studio Designer Recent Design Right 1
Quail Studio Designer Recent Design Right 2
Quail Studio Designer Recent Design Right 3

The discontinued Rowan yarns we wish we could bring back

Georgina: Lima! The soft baby alpaca was pure luxury.

Emma: It has to be Lima. Back in my days working for Rowan at Liberty, I always spent my entire yarn allowance on Lima, or Alpaca Cotton.

Our favourite Rowan yarns from the current collection...

Georgina: I’m loving Brushed Fleece at the moment as that is what I’m currently knitting with.

Emma: Alpaca Classic is a current fave for me, along with Kid Classic.

design icons

we look to the fashion world

for style and styling inspiration

Georgina: Ralph Lauren, not just for his designs which are the epitome of classic, wearable cool for me, but also for the brand advertising campaigns, which encapsulate an aspirational lifestyle; but one that seems really accessible as it celebrates family and practical clothing for every day. Emma: I’m not sure I have a design icon, but for fashion inspiration I love how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley styles her outfits, which are understated but always very chic and polished looking. And for ultimate glamour I can’t resist the Dolce & Gabbana campaigns–the quintessential ‘la dolce vita’ that never goes out of style–truly iconic!

Quail Studio Designer Design Icon
inspired by
Quail Studio Designer Inspired By

street fashion

where trends emerge

Georgina: Fashionistas on the streets, especially during Fashion Week when everyone dresses up for the shows. I like to keep an eye on Instagram and fashion blogs as this where you see the trends happening in real life. Emma: I, too, am always inspired by seeing what ‘real’ people are wearing. When I’m designing for Quail Studio, I’m always on the lookout to see how people style clothes out on the street, and the mix of high-end fashion straight from the catwalk with more classic pieces that you see influencers wearing on Instagram.

best advice

one step at a time

tomorrow is a fresh start

Georgina: Take one step at a time & slow and steady wins the race! When I am juggling so many different projects and working to impossible deadlines this mantra helps me to take a step back and methodically work through my lists. Emma: Leave your worries in the past, tomorrow is a fresh start. As a designer I always try to look ahead and not dwell too much on what has gone before.

Quail Studio Designer Best Advise
favourite stitch
Quail Studio Designer Favourite Stitch

we love simplicity

with a touch of texture

Georgina: Fishermens rib, especially when knitted as a super cosy oversized sweater. Emma: Moss stitch, it’s so simple yet so effective.

If we weren't knitwear designers...

Georgina: I would be a personal stylist; I love putting outfits together! Emma: I would love to be an interior designer.

We are very bad at remembering...

Georgina: (Dare I admit it!) I have to write everything down, and I start every day by writing a ‘to do’ list and making sure that I have all my important meetings and events dated in my diary.

Emma: Same as Georgie, if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember it.

Our yarn stash is HUGE!

We keep the full range of Rowan yarns in our studio stash, plus a few treasures of long discontinued yarn that we can’t bear to part with.

on our needles

MODE at Rowan projects

that we love

Georgina: I actually have 3 projects on the go: a Mako baby blanket, a Brushed Fleece sweater and a Kid Classic & Kidsilk Haze sweater from our new Mode 4 Projects HAZE. Emma: I have just finished “Blue Haze” from our Mode 4 Projects Alpaca Classic in soft satin, and next on my knitting list is a re-knit of the “Parker” Jumper from Essential Toddlers, as my little boy, Henry, has already grown out of his current one.

Quail Studio Designer On our Needles
happiest when
Quail Studio Designer Happiest When

with our family

We love...

Georgina: Being outdoors with my family on lovely woodland walks. Emma: I am happiest with my family too, but for me cosy days at home are the best.

Our go-to knitting resources are

The Knitters Bible, Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book, and The Harmony Guides: 750 Knitting Stitches by Erika Knight. These books are always open in the Quail Studio.