Island Blend—A Uniquely-Sourced Fibre

We’ve sought out some of the finest, organically grown Merino in the world, then blended it with a little baby alpaca and silk to create a luxurious, smooth hand-knitting yarn with incredible lustre.

Falkland Island Sheep Re-sized

Organically farmed on the Falkland Islands

These remote islands are located about 300 miles (180km) off the coast of Argentina, and have been home to herds of sheep since 1851.

The animals are farmed organically, grazing on natural pasture and native plants, and have been for more than 100 years. Since there are so few people on the islands, the sheep are able to roam freely, even amongst the penguins!

Alpaca Lifestyle

Merino and alpaca make this yarn very warm, and the silk adds a beautiful sheen

Falkland shepherds produce the whitest unbleached wool in the world, which means it takes colour beautifully in the dying process. The blended yarn is smooth, drapes beautifully, and is a joy to knit with, holding stitch definition really well, and creating a lightweight, warm fabric.