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Oxford Yarn Store

Oxford Yarn Store is a delightful destination store located in the vibrant North Parade Avenue since 2012. It has become the heart of Oxford’s knitting community and attracts visitors from all over the world. Proud to be a Rowan Flagship Store, we and our customers love all of Rowan’s yarns and find the range of exciting pattern options from their designers works for all types of knitters.

Rowan Flagship Store

With a focus on natural fibres, Oxford Yarn Store provides a wonderful range of gorgeous yarns for all knitters and crocheters. The Store is run by owner Elizabeth Webb along with James Edwards, both experienced and passionate knitters. We offer advice and support and thrive on the exchange of creative ideas by our customers and knitting professionals we work with. We host knit clubs and run an extensive workshop programme and our regular newsletter, sent via email, is hugely popular. We believe that a local yarn shop should be welcoming, supporting and stimulating for all and this is what we have managed to achieve. We consider it important to offer our customers the highest quality yarns and, thanks to Rowan, we can take pride in doing just that.

Oxford Yarn Store
3 North Parade Avenue