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"If you're itching to make the jumper of your dreams, you've come to the right place! Nestled in a round house in Aigle, Tricoton an unusual store. When we enter this carousel, it is as if we were slipping into a cosy, warm nest, welcomed by Fabienne Wegmüller. This space, spread over two floors of 80m² each, is laid out as an invitation to creativity, a map of desires where one can drift through endless possibilities. With two basic stitches, purl and knit, creating many knitted effects, scarves, snoods, hats, jumpers, cardigans and pretty mittens are all yours for the making. "

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A trained seamstress, Fabienne gives all the advice, tips and tricks needed to make your project a reality, in the choice of yarns and patterns. If you want to make your jumper in a different yarn quality, it is possible with her help and guidance.

Knowing the basics, learning to knit on your own and improving your skills is not always easy. To meet this demand, Fabienne is launching new freestyle and themed workshops, knitting and sewing classes, all in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

"Knitting is practical, you can take it everywhere with you" Fabienne has knitted from the age of 5, taught by h her grandmother and great-grandmother who passed on this passion to her. Since then, she has never let go of the needles. Even when she did her apprenticeship as a seamstress in a haute couture workshop in Lausanne, she knitted. About ten years ago, Fabienne started selling wool at home, her customers demand grew, her range of yarn grew and so she moved to Aigle 3 years ago when she discovered this wonderful space to set up her shop.

What is more gratifying than wearing a garment that you have made yourself?

Today, self-made, handknitting is hugely popular; more than a fashion, it has become an essential part of eco-responsible activities. Knitting is far from being an obsolete art and the new generation has happily taken it up with many young knitters finding and sharing inspiration on Instagram.

With many benefits, this serene, meditative activity is a natural source of stress relief and self-fulfilment. According to some studies, knitting is even considered a new yoga, some even speak of "knitting therapy".

Knitting is a soothing way to express your creativity while doing yourself good, and Tricoton allows you to give substance to your projects, dreams and fantasies

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