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Cynthia & Barb - River City Yarns

Barb Barone (she/her) and Cynthia Hyslop (she/her) are the dynamic, Canadian, sister-duo behind Podcast On! This monthly video podcast presents a behind the scenes review of fibre related products and events from their local yarn shop (LYS) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their YouTube channel also provides tutorials, tours, and interviews with designers, dyers, and makers. These sisters have extensive experience in corporate training, management and presentation. But it was their experience as yarn shop owners that honed their skills for teaching fibre crafts. For over 20 years, they've been educating and supporting their customers and have a knack for helping you to feel welcome and at ease in their classes. They have a wide range of interests and areas of expertise that incorporate: knitting, crochet, spinning, machine knitting, colour and yarn choices. As yarn shop owners, they are also creative problem solvers!

Alpaca Soft DK Yarn Lifestyle

Favourite Rowan Yarn

Barb's Favourite Rowan Yarn is Rowan Alpaca Soft DK. "It’s soft yet holds it shape really nicely and looks great in colour work." Cynthia's Favourite Rowan Yarn is Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino. “I love the extensive colour range, the fibre content and the compact balls in a weight that's great for working singly or doubled up."