Debbie Abrahams’ 2022 Mystery Cushion Club

Debbie launched her first Mystery KAL in 2008 with her In The Country blanket design, and since then she has continued to release a new blanket design annually for her Mystery Club. In 2011 the Mystery Cushion Club was launched alongside the blanket, and this year she begins her 12th Mystery Cushion KAL.

Debbie’s Clubs offer knitters the chance to take part in her unique knitting experiences. The Mystery Cushion Club works in a similar way to Debbie’s Mystery Blanket Club with one design being knitted up by all of the members in monthly instalments. The knitting kit and first set of patterns are sent to the members mid-June and then monthly thereafter, concluding in October with the final set of patterns and the much anticipated reveal of the “mystery” theme.

Sugar Rush

Each year Debbie focuses on a different theme for her Mystery projects, and for the cushion she uses inspiration from the Spring/Summer fashion trends. This involves researching all the different stories for the season and choosing one that she feels would translate well into knitting structures. From this inspiration a colour palette is generated, and ideas for pattern and texture are taken from the visuals she collects.

Debbie is passionate about her Mystery Clubs and each year she sets herself exciting new design challenges with different combinations of stitch structures, colours and yarns in her Mystery Cushion projects. These accessories are the perfect vehicle for Debbie to work on as she loves to experiment with several different techniques in one project, offering the knitter a unique and inspirational knitting adventure.

Geo Jungle

Previous Mystery Cushion designs include Tribal Africa, Tropical Paradise, Geo Jungle, Metropolis and Eastern Promise. They use a broad range of yarns from the Rowan collection, and all feature beading which has become Debbie’s trademark.

If you have never joined one of Debbie’s Mystery Clubs before, then the Mystery Cushion is a great way to be introduced to her designs. It gives knitters the opportunity to try out various knitting techniques, encouraging them to push their own boundaries and try something new within a small project which is both achievable and enjoyable to do.

Debbie writes a monthly blog specifically for her Mystery Clubs which include video demos of knitting techniques as well as plenty of handy tips and advice to help you if you get stuck. And Debbie and her team are always happy to be contacted direct by email, phone or letter if any questions arise during the project. So you are never on your own!

Tropical Paradise

There are just two-hundred and fifty memberships available in the 2022 Mystery Cushion Club, so you’ll need to be quick to sign up to it if you want to take part. Debbie’s Clubs are always sold with limited memberships which not only makes them exclusive to be part of, but it also makes her Mystery designs very collectable.

You can purchase a membership for Debbie’s 2022 Mystery Cushion Club now in the online shop on her website: There are a selection of different packages to choose from, and you can join the Club wherever you live – there are packages for UK, Europe and the World.

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