by Martin Storey

Skill Level

This long-sleeved jacket features a zip down its full length and a collar neck and was designed by Martin Sorey using the popular Original Denim yarn, 100% cotton. The waistband is striped along with the collar and cuffs, which are also cabled, creating a smart casual option.

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Original Denim

  • 100% Cotton
  • 50g
  • 90m/98yds

Original Denim is a 100% cotton yarn, which behaves like denim fabric.  It shrinks slightly on its first wash and the colour continues to fade gradually over time, creating a unique and sought-after look. This yarn is suitable for all-year-round knits and showcases textured stitches and cabling brilliantly.

  • 4 mm | 8 UK | 6 US
  • 20 sts 32 rows