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STORKURINN is the oldest craft store in the country. We moved to Síðumúli 20, 108 Reykjavík in the middle of summer 2016 after 56 years in Kjörgarður. We specialize in serving people who are interested in many crafts, mainly knitting, crochet, embroidery and patchwork. Storkurinn has a large group of loyal customers who travel to us from nearby neighborhoods and many farther away. We also get many visits from tourists. We strive to provide good service and have staff who have skills and experience in handmaking crafts.

Rowan Flagship Store

Storkurinn is a true gourmet shop for crafty people with a selection of yarn, knitting needles, patchwork, notions and buttons, knitting yarn books, embroidery and all kinds of accessories. Many people come and stay for a long time in the store, as you can be pampered and enjoy the view. We offer customers assistance as needed with knitting or anything else that needs to be solved.

We hold knitting groups in the winter as well as various courses available in the autumn and spring semesters.

Sídumúli 20