Urban Yarns

Founded in 2004, Urban Yarns brings high quality yarns and patterns from all over the world to beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our first customer peeked through our papered windows before opening day and excitedly asked “Will you carry Rowan?!” and yes, Rowan Yarns has been with us all the way, partners in fulfilling our motto “Always Something New”!

Magasins Phares Rowan

Urban Yarns is a full-service Local Yarn Store (LYS) with a beloved brick-and-mortar location in the Point Grey Village area of Vancouver, as well as an online store that ships throughout North America. The store was born out of a love and passion for yarns, and the desire to inspire others of all ages and abilities to explore the endless possibilities of this craft. We believe our store is a visually exciting place to shop and we offer a plethora of colour, fibre, and weight choices, including as much Rowan as we can fit (and that’s a lot)! Our online store mirrors our in-store inventory and is constantly being updated to make shopping at home an enjoyable experience. A variety of classes are offered in-store, from beginner and choose-your-own-project classes, to more advanced design and technique options. We are proud of our knowledgeable staff and instructors who love to share their expertise and are constantly energized by the creativity of our customers.

Urban Yarns
4437 West 10th Avenue
British Columbia
V6R 2H8