The Knitting Loft

Focused on natural fibre, rustic, and indie dyed yarn, The Knitting Loft is a local yarn shop based in Toronto, which has quickly become known for its modern aesthetic, differentiated yarn selection, and community experience. A must see yarn destination for anyone who's visiting the city!

Magasins Phares Rowan

The Knitting Loft (one of Rowan's largest Flagships in the world) is a mother-daughter owned yarn shop and knitting café in Toronto, Canada that has become known for its expertly curated selection, modern aesthetic, and welcoming environment which both nurtures and facilitates genuine connection, inspiration, and creativity. The Knitting Loft is a must visit destination for yarn (and Rowan lovers!) around the world.

The Knitting Loft
672 Wilson Avenue

M3K 1E1