Wolle & Design

Since 2009 Wolle & Design, located in Stadtlohn, has been the only German yarn store stocking Rowans full collection both in store and online. Passionate knitters will find all publications and yarns in all shades of Rowan. This means that Wolle & Design is a magnet for knitting enthusiast from all over Germany; you can be sure that Wolle & Design is always worth a visit whether it is to visit the store or to attend one of our events.

Magasins Phares Rowan

Wolle & Design presents a cosy and stylish setting, displaying the latest trends and an endless selection of colours and high-quality yarns to chose for your next project, whether it is a warm jumper or cosy shawl.

Two competent and experienced members of staff and four family members work endlessly to handle your orders, questions and knitting requests/problems. Wolle & Design is well known for offering workshops including Fair Isle techniques. Events with internationally known designers, launch days as well as digital events are part of what makes Wolle & Design special. The team also produce their own designs, publications and tutorials to help spread the knitting knowledge to more and more people. After all these year Maria Weddewer, the owner of Wolle & Design, is still as passionate about knitting as she was the first time, she picked up her knitting needles.

Wolle & Design
Benzstraße 1