Wolle & Ideen

Yarn has never been more exciting; colourful, lots of variety, and fashionable. Are you looking for yarn and ideas? Then you have come to the right place. Yarn, knitting and crochet are the passions of my life. This passion became wolle + ideen, the yarn specialist in Ulm; a place where everyone can find beautiful yarn and inspiration for knitting and crochet.

Rowan Flagship Store

Over the last 16 years Heike Redlinghaus yarn shop has grown into one of the best-known shops in and around Ulm to visit for yarn lovers and their yarn shopping.

Knitting is fashionable again and more and more knitters are looking for exceptional quality yarn and modern patterns. Heike Redlinghaus focuses on natural fibres, high quality manufacturing as well as sustainability, making Rowan a natural choice for her favourite yarn.

A key desire for Heike is the sharing and maintaining of knitting knowledge. Regular workshops on Saturdays, occasionally run by well known designers, as well as all-weekend workshops and Woolness-Weekends are an important part of her business. Workshops are offered for all levels of experience and everyone receives knowledgeable advice and support.

The yearly fashion show is a popular event to showcase current knitting design trends and share inspiration with other yarn lovers.

Wolle & Ideen
Kornhausgasse 6