TOY MERCERIA di Genovesi Mirella

It was back in 1969 when, from an idea by Mirella and Alessandro, the "Toy" haberdashery was born in the heart of Monteverde in Rome. It soon became known throughout the district for the vast assortment of products and its loyal customers. Today the daughters, Elisabetta and Cristina, carry on the family business with the same devotion and passion of many years ago.

Rowan Flagship Store

Merceria Toy specialises in the sale of fine yarns for those who are passionate about knitting.

We are not online but are able to take mail orders by phone.

We organise knitting courses and demonstrations.

In November / December 2019 we joined a splendid initiative against violence against women with the Viva Vittoria association, creating 400 knitted samples together with our customers! Our customers are always guided by our knitting expert who is ready to solve your problems and is willing to share her knowledge to help our knitters create original and unique garments.

TOY MERCERIA di Genovesi Mirella
Largo S.Eufrasia Pelletier, 13